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Competition for enterprises in the Northern Caribbean and Northern Zone

The Gente de la Forever Costa Rica project opens the competition for up to ₡7million in seed capital for environmentally friendly ventures in the Northern Caribbean and Northern Zone.

Registration will be open from October 3 through October 21, 2022 .

Initiatives located in the following districts are eligible to participate:

  • San Carlos: Quesada, Florencia, Pital, Cutris and Pocosol.
  • Sarapiqui: Puerto Viejo, La Virgen, Horquetas, Llanuras del Gaspar and Cureña.
  • Siquirres: Pacuarito and Nairí-Awari Indigenous Territory.
  • Pococí: Cariari and Colorado.
  • Upala: Upala, San José (Pizote) and Bijagua.
  • Guatuso: San Rafael (Maleku Indigenous Territory) and Katira.

Tourism, fishing, agribusiness, handicrafts, services, livestock, conservation and other enterprises may register, either individually or as a group (associations, cooperatives, companies or consortiums).

We encourage women and young people to participate.

Registration for inductions

The first phase of the environmentally friendly business competition consists of face-to-face or virtual induction sessions to present the proposal.

Please complete the following form with your information:

The Gente de la Forever Costa Rica project seeks to increase the resilience of at least 30 communities surrounding 15 Protected Wildlife Areas by promoting green and blue enterprises, as well as the search for alternative technological solutions that improve local economies and environmental sustainability.

In this way, it seeks to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts produced by COVID-19, through a transformative change in the livelihoods of communities and individuals in rural and coastal areas, so that they implement sustainable business and development models based on the bioeconomy, as well as the blue and green economy.

This innovative proposal, which has the financial support of the Moore Foundation, will promote the reconstruction of rural and coastal economies based on innovation in sustainable development and the alliance between academic and social organizations, the private sector, the government and the communities.

Supporting the Blue and Green Economy

Green recovery

The Gente project seeks to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts produced by COVID-19.

Where do we work?

The Gente project works in three regions of the country: North Caribbean, North Pacific and South Pacific.

Map of Getne Project territories
North Caribbean, North Pacific and South Pacific of Costa Rica are the territories of the Gente project.


1. Support capacity building in business skills in the communities of the prioritized zones.

2. Promote the participation of ventures and businesses through seed capital funds and acceleration and incubation processes.

3. Promote the adoption of sustainable alternative technologies to generate sustainable local economies under the blue and green economy approach.

4. Support the implementation and articulation of governance mechanisms to support value chain linkages in the territories.

Project PEOPLE

Blue and Green Economy

The Gente project is part of our Blue and Green Economy Program. Learn more at: