First USA-CR Debt for Nature Swap

Since 2017, the Forever Costa Rica Association has managed the First Debt-for-Nature Swap between the United States of America and Costa Rica.


The First USA-CR Debt for Nature Swap is an agreement whereby the Government of the United States of America condones part of the external debt to the Government of Costa Rica, in exchange for the latter’s commitment to invest the amount forgiven in a fund for finance conservation projects.

This swap is an agreement whereby the government of the United States cancels part of Costa Rica’s external debt in exchange for a commitment by the latter to invest the amount cancelled in a fund to finance conservation projects.

Main Objective: Conserve, protect, restore, and sustainably use tropical forests in Costa Rica in six priority geographic areas (PGAs): Osa, La Amistad, Tortuguero, Maquenque, northeast sector of Rincón de la Vieja, and Nicoya.

Supervisory Committee: