All Aboard


The Forever Costa Rica Association and the Friends of Cocos Island Foundation (FAICO)—in alliance with Televisora de Costa Rica, Grupo Nación and ICE-Kolbi—led the fundraising campaign called All Aboard, whose objective is the purchase of an interceptor boat for the Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area (ACMIC) to strengthen the work on control and surveillance in Cocos Island National Park.

The organizations set a fundraising goal of US$200,000 for acquisition of the boat and creation of a maintenance fund to ensure its functionality in coming years.

During the campaign, various promotional activities were carried out, including development of a gigantic paper boat and a marine painting in 3D.

Also, there was a night tour by bicycle through the city, with collaboration of Chepecletas, and a concert of rock bands at the Hard Rock Café. All of the activities were given extensive coverage by Televisora de Costa Rica and Grupo Nación. Support also came from celebrities who participated in publicity spots encouraging people to donate.

Other Partners:
Ulacit – Chepecletas – CrCupón – Servimás – AMPM y Freshmarket – Hard Rock Café – Coopeservidores